Monday, July 22, 2013

How'd you come up with that, KDay??

Let's play a little game.  A little game where I give you all the answers and you sit back and enjoy!  Box that up and sell it in your stores, Hasbro.  Unfortunately I haven't come up with a Shoots & Ladders game based on Daughters of the Sea (Shrouds & Reveries?), but I have realized this brain of mine has a way of sucking inspiration out of anything and everything I hear, see, feel, taste, or dream up in my sleep.  I just chose a character's name (who will be introduced in Hearken) from a random rap song on the radio while driving my car.  I heard the name and only had enough time to think "Aha!" before a full fledged conversation sprouted out of nowhere and I had half a chapter written in my head.  It's a miracle I still have the ability to be a functioning part of society, really.  It's hard to concentrate on cooking, checking out at target, or driving down the road when the fictional characters living in your head suddenly shove a new scene in your face.

So anyway, I'll leave my embarassing, public conversations I have with the people in my head for a different post.  I've listed out some of the settings, characters, names, and other random tid-bits from the books and where I got them from!  Have something else you want to know about?  Leave a comment with your question!

Finn's last name: Morrison
Based on Jim Morrison's last name from the The Doors.  That dude proved genius can come from a big slice of crazy with a scoop of borderline personality disorder.

Anastasia's nickname: Stasia
A couple years back, I was introduced to a friend of a friend's sister who's name was Stasia (short for Anastasia).  She was actually a twin and they were in fact Greek!  For some reason, her name stuck with me and it just seemed perfect for my heroine!  here's a pic (in true stalker fashion)

Nadia's name
A gymnast named Nadia Comaneci was an incredible gymnast in the late 70's that had always fascinated me me while I was taking gymnastics (way back in the day).  Although I didn't actually get to see her compete (I wasn't born until '78) she was still a huge inspiration to me.  Much shorter than most girls (like me), she looked much younger (like me) and was very shy (like me) but she became a completely different person once she hit the spotlight - consequently capturing all of her dreams.  That slight transformation taught me a number of things I still keep with me today.

Nicolet's name
My younger brother's fiance's name.  I'm not even sure they'd been together more than a couple months when I saw her name on facebook in the caption of a picture - loved it and had to use it.
I'd put a picture of her, but she is extremely talented in making sure there are no pictures of her on the internet... doesn't she know people want to stalk her!? 

The island where my editor/bff's family originated and still live. It had everything I needed for a setting!
Phoebe's nail polish addiction
Based completely on my own irrational, pointless nail polish addiction.

Finn's 'last supper' food choices
Most of them were based on my husbands favorite foods.

Tina's name
Stacy's sister who actually lives on Cyprus's name is Tina!  She's greek, beautiful and was the perfect muse.

Unfortunately most of her posts read like this...  And I can't speak Greek...

Stasia's surname at birth: Theophanides
Stacy's maiden name

Okay that's all for now!  I'd love to hear any specific questions if you have them!  I'll answer anything!  Well almost anything...


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I love this! Thanks for the insight. I have always wondered how you created some of these things. :)

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