Friday, December 28, 2012

Like Mother like Daughter

In an effort to refute any possible stirrings that I might be less than satisfied with my family or my life, I wanted to write a quick post to re-word my earlier ramblings.  Don't worry - I am still anything but your normal girl.  And thanks to my amazing and anything but normal mom, I am VERY happy being as abnormal as possible.  For the simple reason that she is just as abnormal as I am.  For she is not your typical mother.  So instead of my 15 reasons I suck at life...  I am posting 15 reasons my mom is abnormal in the best way:

1. She taught me the difference between paper scissors and sewing scissors (if you don't know, you shouldn't be using sewing scissors in the first place).
2. She taught me what it means to be trully independent.

2. She can sew an entire wardrobe with her eyes closed.
4. She sacrificed everything for us.

5. She took me to the library every weekend and instilled the love of reading within me.
6. She made my favorite stuffed animal and my favorite quilt with her own two hands.

7. She began working again after retirement to pay for my wedding.

8. She taught me how to chase my dreams...and catch them.
9. She always created our wreaths out of the bottom branches of our christmas trees and she made our stockings.
10. She's never grown up.  And I hope I never do either.
11. She made the Pinterest-inspired birthday parties of today look like childsplay.
12. She taught me how to make jewelry.
13. She inspires others to follow in her footsteps although she tries to cover those same footsteps up along the way.

14. She secretly videotaped the cheers and dances for cheer tryouts in seventh grade and helped me get every motion perfect.
15. When I told her I just wanted to be 'normal' when I was 8, she told me normal wasn't always a good thing and that I was perfect the way I was.

I love you, Mom!


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