Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hearken the Haterade

Thankfully I happen to enjoy a nice cold glass of haterade, but this hated haterade isn't coming from readers or bloggers or even the spider I just killed on my floor.  It's coming from...ME!  After six panic attacks, three rage induced psychotic episodes (not really), eight boxes of Red Bull and one very understanding best friend/editor, I finally decided to give myself a much needed break. 
So I watched four seasons of Supernatural in one sitting because...well...look at him!

attended three girls night outs,

and spent an entire weekend making a book trailer for Forsaken.  Which brings to me to this very moment where I am…. What’s that?  Are you stuck in the last sentence?  If so, then YES! YES! I made a book trailer for Forsaken!!  And I can’t WAIT for you guys to see it!!

Now, that we’ve gotten that out of the way…  The long awaited fourth installment of the Daughters of the Sea, Hearken, was to be released September 24th (brace yourself - here comes the ‘but’), but I think that a quality book is better than a quick release. Wouldn’t you agree?  Now, don’t go throwing yourself off that bridge just yet! I’ll be posting teasers, quotes, pictures, and teeny hints until the book releases on… November 5th!  I know it seems like FOREVER, but it’ll be here before we know it!
This will give you that much needed time to go shopping for fall, watch Titanic six times, obtain a drinking problem, send subtle, passive aggressive cues to your worst enemy, slash said enemy’s tires, and read the first three books in the series!!


Mary aka Mrs. Haymitch said...

counting down the days, sweet girl !!!

jenna mead said...

Awesome, gives me time to read 'Awaken' and 'Chosen' :) the wait will be worth it. :)

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