Monday, June 24, 2013

My name is Kristen Day...and I'm a Conference Virgin

So the countdown has officially begun - only a couple more days until UtopYAcon!  I have to tell you - I am anxious, excited, apprehensive, terrified, jittery, and flat out OUT OF MY MIND right now!  Stacy and I have been working our little butts butts off (sad but true - we are what you the kids call 'thicky, thick') on the table, swag, itineraries, and most importantly our wardrobe!  Fittingly so, Stacy has purchased some nail polish called Please Sea Me to beautify her nails and subsequently feed my uncontrollable nail polish addiction! 

Being my very first conference, I'm not sure what to be nervous about so I'm just nervous about everything.  I figure it wouldn't be successful without at least 10 panic attacks.  Lucky for everyone else attending I have plenty of happy pills to calm my nerves (don't judge)!  If you spot me aimlessly wandering around in a bed sheet, just direct me back to my room before I start eating my tongue or foaming at the mouth.

What intimidates me the most is my lack of experience - I have a feeling a sign taped to my forehead that reads 'CONFERENCE VIRGIN' would be appropriate since the staring wide eyes and shaking legs will be just as noticeable.  The only thing I have going for me is that I'm not afraid to make a complete dork out of myself in front of people (years of practice. Seriously)!  If people know I'm a hot mess upfront, they won't realize I can fake normal pretty well.  That'll be our little secret - just between me, you, and the entire internet. o.O

What I do plan on doing is documenting this long, strange trip for all of the world to see (you're welcome)!!!  I can promise you horrible videography skills, sub-par photography skills, and even worse narration ($10 to the first person who can understand my southern accent!) of what's happening throughout the conference from table setup, exploring Nashville, getting lost in the labryinth (hopefully), stealing awkward pictures of Stacy when she's not looking, and us looking all professional and stuff at our booth!!  It will either be Fame-tastic dance numbers....

Or Awkward Dance FAILS. 

But either way, it's gonna be awesome!  You'll be granted VIP access to the late night Yoohoo and Butterfinger binges, Stacy doing my makeup, me messing up said makeup when I sneeze, people eating seaweed and drinking coconut milk for the first time, our transformation from semi-normal young women to completely weird fangirl nerds and so much more!! 

I'm finishing up my dress tonight and tomorrow so I'll be posting some pictures!  Stay tuned!

Sea you later!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hearken Cover Teaser!!

So I had this idea.  Occasionally, this little noggin of mine lands on a way to drive all my readers absolutely BONKERS (cliffhangers, anyone?). Such an idea clawed its way through the jumbled mess of pointless chatter and wacky thoughts into the forefront of my mind. Everyone does book teasers - a chapter, a couple quotes, a prologue here and there...  But what about...wait for it...wait for it...

I know, I know it's genius.  I'd even be willing to bet that I'm only the 5,496,396th person to have this idea.  I'm on the cutting edge for sure.  It could have a teeny weeny bit to do with the fact that I CANNOT wait for you guys to Hearken's cover!!!!!  So in an effort to leave all of you hating my guts - here's your randomly vague, slightly blurry, and completely maddening teaser!!! *rubs hands together diabolically*


I can't wait to share the rest of the cover with you guys tomorrow for my cover reveal!  There have been close to 60 bloggers sign up for it!  60!!  As in 6-0, 30X2, 40+20, or my personal fav and most accurate: a SHIT TON!!  So join me tomorrow in my happy dance and let me know what you think!

PS - can you guess who's on the cover?