Sunday, April 21, 2013

How I get to my Fantasy Worlds...& away from reality

Even after displaying the inner workings of my soul onto the 5X8 pages of three novels, I still find it odd that people are interested in how my mind works.  Especially since up until the last year, I hadn't really put much stock in it.  I've always liked reading and I've always liked writing, but I never really thought about why I've been able to visualize entirely imaginary worlds that I felt more comfortable in than our own reality.  So I've always dipped into those imaginary places when I needed somewhere safe to go. When I needed to make sense of the things going on around me and within me. 

Books, music, and art were the portals that allowed me passage.  They still do.  Books took me to other people's worlds - places created by someone else, but that I enjoyed visiting.  Listening to music gave me a small reprieve that would allow me to feel any and all overwelming emotions vying for my attention at any given time.  Lastly, art and photography were conceptual visual representations of those emotions and allowed me passage through those representations. 

When a story is evolving in my mind it demands I find audible and visual representations - my own passages back to the worlds my mind creates.  When its time to write again, those passages take me right back to that imaginary world I've created - in every way.  That's what it takes for me to successfully tell a story, describe scenes, and grow my characters. 

I wanted to share some of the photography and conceptual art that have become passages for my Daughters of the Sea world.  Most have nothing to do with the actual Daughters of the Sea - they have more to do


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Danielle Young said...

I think these are absolutely gorgeous pictures and I think it would be safe to say that there is definitely a lot more to you than what is on the surface! Do you write poetry at all? I am just loving the Daughters of the Sea! I think you are a very talented writer and I am enjoying getting to know you through your written word!

Kristen Day said...

Thanks Danielle! That means alot! I do write poetry and actually began writing poems long before anything else. I have a few on my 'Pieces of Me' tab up above but I'll be posting more in the coming days. I'm going to try and show the deeper, darker side of me to the world - eek!

Danielle Young said...

Judging by your above pictures I would say that there is definitely a darker side to you and I for one am looking forward to seeing some of that. Thanks for telling me where to find your poetry! I love to see the different sides of authors.

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