Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Guess That Book Title!

It's time to put on those thinking caps, meditating mu-mus, contemplating shawls, and pondering ponchos!  If you are without all of the aforementioned items I would suggest closing your eyes really tight and channeling your inner dictionary.  Because I've got a totally awesome and equally pointless game for us to play!!  Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to play Battleship with thousands of people (best game EVER), so I had to be a little more creative...

As you may or may not have noticed, all current books from the Daughters of the Sea series titles are adjectives or verbs ending in -en.  So taking that into consideration, there are a limited number of words left in the english language ending in -en that could be used for the fourth book in the series. 

Here's where your caps, muu-muus, shawls, and ponchos come in.  What could that elusive fourth book title possibly be?!  Take your best guess and WIN!  The very first person to get it right will win a free signed copy of Forsaken! 

Please either tweet your guesses to me @kris10_day or email them to me at kris10day@yahoo.com I'll give out hints periodically - below are the first two…

HINT#1: 7 letters
HINT#2: contains the letter ‘a’

HINT#3: Listen closely and it might come to you

Ready, set, start guessing!!!!!


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