Wednesday, December 26, 2012

15 Reasons Why I Suck at Life!

After slopping through the litany of Christmas photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram featuring happy, smiling families in matching red outfits, a proud Mom standing in front of her beautifully decorated house, puppies with santa hats, and giggling babies, I got the urge to throw my computer across the room.  Not because I hate babies and puppies, but because each perfect moment of other people's lives reminded me of my not so perfect life. 

Every family has their own level of dysfunction and problems, but we don't see that on Instagram and Facebook.  We don't see the raging headaches or the maxed out credit card behind that proud Mom's Good Housekeeping-esque decorated house.  We don't see the resentment behind Dad's eyes at Mom's insisting on him wearing a christmas tree sweater.  We don't see the shoes the cute puppies devoured 3 seconds before the picture was shot.  We only see chosen snapshots showcasing the happy, happy, happy parts of people's lives.

So in an effort to remind people that no one is perfect, I'm going to do 15 days of Why I Suck at Life.  15 pictures on Instagram showing the 15 things I suck at, hate about myself, or cringe at in my life.  Not because I want sympathy or therapy, but because I think my friends out there in the twitterverse and blogosphere should see some of the not so great things about me.  Train wrecks - that's what people like to see.  Why else would anyone watch Honey Boo Boo or Cops?  It makes us feel better to know there are people out there more screwed up than we are.

I'll be adding #whyisuckatlife to my tweets, so if you'd like to join in and let us all know about your smelly feet, that toothless Uncle Barney you refuse to claim as part of the family, or your burnt brocolli casserole please do!!

Instagram: kris10day


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