Thursday, December 27, 2012

Book Cover Reveal - Chosen!

I can't believe how much I've learned about creating covers over the last couple of months and I'm definitely not the best at it, but it's SO much fun!!  For my next series, I've already got a million and one ideas as to what I want the covers to look like, but that will have to wait until this series is finished (wink, wink)! 

After looking at every cover ever published, I noticed the most popular covers have a random girl in a prom dress on a beach, a rock, or lost in a forest.  As cliche as they have become, they catch my eye every dang time!!  It's incredibly maddening.  I also see alot of covers that have the Twilight complex; black and white with a color splash of red.  Just like the prom dress damsels in distress, they suck me right in too!  Damn you, you product marketing geniuses! 

So anyway, the Daughters of the Sea covers are obvious in their similarities - the color blue, see-through cryptic symbols, and the ocean.  Each cover is also pulled from a specific scene in that particular book.  So with that said below is the cover for Chosen! I'll let you marinate on what significance the lightning and crescent moon symbol could possibly have in the story line:)  Can't wait until Jan 29th!!!!!


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Any way I can pre-order this?!

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