Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I wrote what?

I've always been a pretty private person, so the blogging world is a little daunting to me.  Not because I don't like it - very much the contrary.  The problem is that I very much live in my head.  It just doesn't come natural to me to sit down and put to words the things I feel and think on any given day.  Most of my thoughts are pretty off the wall and I can't help but wonder why anyone would choose to read about them.  Then I found myself reading other people's blogs and becoming completely engrossed.  They weren't writing about anything groundbreaking - just things about themselves, the way they think and basically what makes them who they are. 

The reason I've always lived in my own head is because I wasn't sure the world was ready for the things that go through my mind.  As I've been writing the Daughter of the Sea series, I've come to learn ALOT about how my crazy, wacky brain works.  It's been pretty entertaining.  Sometimes I feel like those possessed people you see in movies - the ones sitting at a random desk with vacant eyes continuously muttering nonsense while unknowingly writing 24 pages prophesizing the end of the world.  In an unknown language.  I'm pretty sure no demons are hovering over me; waiting for the opportune time to possess my body and scribble out their plan to take over human souls  (or are they....?)  But after I read over the chapters and scenes I write, I think - really?  I just wrote that?  How'd that happen? 

People always ask me how I come up with the intricate characters and stories, but honestly?  I have no idea.  Maybe they've always lived in my mind and are just now allowed the chance to emerge?  Who's to say I'm not stark raving mad with multiple personalities who are simply writing about each other?  I'm going to go with the first possibility - mainly because stark raving mad is not usually a desirable quality unless you're a musician or reality TV star - then it's practically required.  So being that i'm a writer, I can't claim insanity.  Although sometimes I'd like to.

So as I write each day, I'm going to try my best to be completely honest and do my best to explain the inner workings of my mind.  Where that takes me, only time can tell...or demon prophecies...


ELAdams said...

I can completely identify with this. When I write, it's like a totally different persona takes over my mind! I'm tempted go with the first option, too, although if it IS madness, then I'd like to think that being a writer requires a special kind of insanity! (i.e. getting overly attached to characters that seem like real people...) :)

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